Hardware Solution

The Industrial Data Center from Openi can to help your business realize the cost savings of virtualization in a production environment through
a pre-engineered, scalable infrastructure offering. All of the hardware you need to run multiple operating systems and multiple applications
off of virtualized servers are included in the cost. As a pre-engineered solution, the Industrial Data Center is designed to ease the transition
to a virtualized environment for your business, saving you time and money. Instead of ordering five different pieces of equipment with
five purchase orders, in addition to hiring the correct certified installation professionals to get you up and running, the Industrial
Data Center combines equipment from industry leaders that are pre-configured specifically for the manufacturing and
production industries. All equipment is shipped pre assembled and a Pavlo professional will come to
your site and commission the system.

Here Are The Benefits

1) Research done for you regarding your specific needs.
2) Receive on-the-spot advice about warranties.
3) Most Importantly, you will receive more timely service than National Vendors can provide.
4) Hardware delivered and professionally installed by Openi only.
(5) PC's / Workstations (6) Servers (7) Firewalls (8) Tape Backup Devices (9) Hubs, Switches, Cabling (10) Phone Systems