Company Overview

Openi is a software brand since 2010. Openi changes the way the ERP software is delivered. Our team of efficient research oriented engineers and
developers serving our clients with an optimum mix of cutting age technology, business re-engineering and project delivery tools.
Our innovative solutions originate from 10 years of experience empower our client enjoying value of time,
investments and satisfaction. Through our production labs we work with our clients to design,
build, deploy and evolve systems that are truly an asset to our clients businesses.

Our services start with conceptualizing the creative need that the National & International Brands/ Services require in order to combat competition and
ends with innovative cost effective solutions for business development &revenue generations. With our consultancy services, we provide insight
into critical problems, cost saving support for small/big decisions, troubleshooting technology and mobilize delivery programmes.
Through our Lab division we create simple, easy to use, innovative software leveraging our development expertise.
We were early adopters of Agile methods. This enabled us to take on highly complicated and critical project.
We have served our clients to adopt similar practices in their drives to eliminate waste and
improve efficiency. At every stage in the software delivery life cycle, from the
earliest conception of a proposition, all the way through creation,
deployment and evolution of a business asset, Open-i is
revolutionizing ERP and ERP
Like software delivery.

Our Skill

Our company has gained extensive expertise in various technologies for various application
functionality in modern technological growth.









Team of Openi

We assist you to shape your business in the right way, enabling you to taste success.
This is our technical team for leadership towards growth.

Founder and CEO

Mr. S Manna - IT Diploma in NIIT and having 10 years of experience in Developing and Delivering of various types of ERP solution in India and Abroad. Founder of the Brand Openi, a Enterprise Resource Planning Application.

Web Designer

Mr. Binoy Dey - Graduated from NIIT. Having 6 years of service experience in IT and Business Experience in the field of Web and Graphics designing.

Web Designer

Mr. Abhijit Dey - Graduated from Calcutta University. Having 5 years of service experience in Web and Graphics designing.

Web Developer

Mr. Pratyush Kanrar - Graduated from Calcutta University. Having 4 years of service experience in Web and Graphics designing.